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Tone & Tighten Program: VOL II (Gym, EN ESPAÑOL)

Tone & Tighten Program: VOL II (Gym, EN ESPAÑOL)

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***Spanish Edition: If you select this program, it will be written entirely in Spanish.***

Are you ready to get your butt kicked with an all-new style of workouts? This program is primarily based on COMPOUND EXERCISES, which means you will be working multiple muscle groups at one time. With these type of workouts, you'll be burning more calories in each workout, developing lean muscle tone, and performing time efficient exercises. Not to mention you'll be increasing your overall strength, stability, balance, and coordination.

If you've fallen off of your new year's resolutions, don't worry - I got you!! Join us for this 4-week challenge TODAY and leave the rest to me.


  • 4-week workout program
  • packed with compound exercises
  • full body workouts
  • gym version ONLY
  • static stretches included
  • foam rolling videos included
  • GOAL: develop lean muscle tone & definition
  • increase strength in your upper & lower body
  • improve core strength
  • improve your balance & stability
  • ab exercises included
  • cardio days included
  • video tutorials of every exercise
  • voiceover instructions for technique & form
  • yours to keep forever!
  • entirely mobile-friendly

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