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Shred & Shape Challenge: VOL IV

Shred & Shape Challenge: VOL IV

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The Shred & Shape Challenge Series continues with VOLUME IV! Let's kick those quarantine blues and get back into our consistency with our workouts. This program is divided up into two phases.

PHASE I is the fat burning phase, giving you high reps with light to moderate weight loads. Your meal plan will consist of clean macros (fats, carbs, and proteins) with your calorie intake at a maintenance level.

Because many of us are coming from a more sedentary lifestyle at home and having less physical activity, simply cleaning up your calories without decreasing them, will facilitate fat burn!

Not to mention, that clean calorie intake level will provide your body with the energy needed for the additional physical activity with the exercises you will be doing with this new program.

PHASE II is the shred phase, where you will be lifting heavier loads with lower reps to continue shredding your body even more! Your caloric intake will be lower to really help lean your body out.

Remember, you can choose from the gym version, home version, or both at a discounted price!

⚠️ IMPORTANT: ⚠️ The previous programs in the Shred & Shape Series are NOT a required prerequisite for Volume IV. You can still follow this program without having completed the prior ones.

Click here to watch a short video showing you what to expect with my online programs!


Your nutritional intake accounts for roughly 80% of your results. So to best facilitate proper fat burn and shredding your body to really help you lean out, I've included a macro-counting Meal Plan to help guide you through this program.

Here is what you will receive:

  • Members Only: 14-Day Meal Plan
  • Non Members: 7-Day Meal Plan
  • 3 days - moderate calorie count (PHASE I)
  • 3 days - lower calorie count (PHASE II + rest days)
  • 1 day - higher calorie count (optional, as needed)
  • macro-counting meal plan
  • 6 meals/snacks each day
  • contains meat proteins
  • vegan substitutions provided
  • dairy free
  • soy free
  • gluten free
  • grocery list included
  • mobile-friendly
  • yours to keep forever!


  • Members Only: Customizable Workout Tracker
  • Members Only: Bonus Content
  • full calendar of training days + rest days
  • gym & home versions available
  • 4-5 day workout splits each week
  • PHASE I: fat burn phase
  • PHASE II: shred phase
  • upper body workouts
  • lower body workouts
  • compound days
  • cardio/HIIT days
  • abs included
  • active rest days
  • foam rolling videos included
  • quick reference photos of each exercise
  • videos tutorials of each exercise
  • verbal instructions for proper form
  • mobile-friendly
  • international-friendly
  • yours to keep forever!

FOAM ROLLING: Please note that Foam Rolling activities are included with this program to help alleviate soreness and to keep your body functioning at maximum capacity with self myofascial release. If you need to purchase foam roller, click here to see the various options I recommend. (You only need to select one.)

HOME VERSION: You will need a pair of 5-15lbs dumbbells, small loop bands, and long loop bands with handles for these workouts. If you still need to purchase any of this equipment, you can click here to see the styles I recommend.

(For upper body, the small latex bands are best and for lower body, the larger thicker cotton/polyester ones are best. Both styles are found at the previous link provided!)

PLEASE ENTER YOUR BEST EMAIL ADDRESS AT CHECKOUT. The meal plan will be delivered via email immediately after your purchase. The workout program will be delivered via email on Sunday, May 31.

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