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Non-Custom Meal Plan (select your choice!)

Tiana Joelle

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Select the meal plan of your choice based on your dietary needs and personal nutritional goals! Checkout the options below and select the meal plan of your choice from the dropdown menu above.

WEIGHT LOSS: Lose belly fat, get a smaller waistline, and get the flat tummy you've always wanted!

WEIGHT GAIN: Gain healthy weight that will give you more size but also keep you lean, meaning low body fat so that your muscle tone and definition will pop!

VEGETARIAN: Learn how to get your proper daily nutrients as a vegetarian with this fully structured meal plan.

VEGAN: Not sure what to eat as a healthy vegan? Follow this meal plan to learn healthy options for your daily proteins, carbs, and fats! 


  • your choice of 1 week or 4 weeks (select above)
  • tells you WHAT to eat
  • tells you WHEN to eat
  • healthy snacks included
  • 6 meals/snacks per day
  • calorie/macro counts (carbs, proteins, & fats)
  • grocery list
  • yours to keep forever!

PLEASE NOTE: These are NOT customized meal plansClick here to view Custom Meal Plans.

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