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MODULE TOPIC: Micro Influencing & How to Work With & Get Paid by Other Brands

MODULE TOPIC: Micro Influencing & How to Work With & Get Paid by Other Brands

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Guess what… You don’t have to reach 100,000 or 50,000, or even 10,000 followers before you can start working with other brands! Have you ever wondered how to get sponsored by a company to advertise through posting? Or how much income you can generate from doing this, like what’s a fair starting price to get paid and how do you ask for the price that you want?

Dive into this bundle and not only learn the difference between brand affiliates, collaborations, and partnerships, but also learn how to get these started without waiting for someone to reach out!

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  1. Micro Influencing

  2. Affiliates, Partnerships, & Collaborations

  3. Your Media Kit

  4. How to Become an Affiliate