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MODULE TOPIC: How to Create Your Own Quality Products/Programs

MODULE TOPIC: How to Create Your Own Quality Products/Programs

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**PLEASE NOTE: I have broken down the course into 7 different module bundles so that you can purchase the specific topics that you feel will help you the most.**

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A lot of fitness professionals like yourself have quality structured programming that they offer to clients in-person but are completely lost when it comes to transferring those programs online into a digital format. Learn how to do this in this module set, and also learn how to create programs that can run themselves!

And don’t worry, if you aren’t sure what kinds of programs to offer, how high or low to price them, and how to properly market and sell them once they are ready - this bundle is for you too.

This module set is perfect no matter where you are in the program creation process. It’s time to get your knowledge and professional training out there to your niche audience!

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  1. Types of Programs

  2. How to Price Your Programs

  3. How to Market & Sell Your Programs

  4. How to Create Workout Programs

  5. How to Create Nutrition Programs

  6. How to Create Customized Programs

  7. How to Create E-Books, Guides, & Freebies