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FULL ONLINE COURSE: Fitness Influencer Blueprint

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Quit your day job and live comfortably off your Fitness Influencer Instagram platform!

Watch a replay of my FREE webinar, How to Quit Your Day Job and Live Comfortably Off Your Fitness Instagram Platform!

Uncover the industry's untold secrets about becoming a Fitness Influencer on Instagram and learn how to develop an organic, quality following of people you can reach worldwide, while generating the limitless passive income that you deserve!

PAYMENT PLAN: You may choose to pay for this online course in 4 equal payments and with no interest fees! Select Sezzle at checkout. (Available for US citizens only.) 


  • go at your own pace!
  • 24/7 login access
  • 35+ lessons and counting
  • easy-to-follow
  • downloadable PDF documents
  • mobile-friendly
  • desktop/laptop-friendly
  • video tutorials
  • walks you through everything step-by-step
  • new and update information continually added as the industry changes
  • downloadable PDF cheat sheets
  • links to all tools & resources
  1. Why Switch From In-Person to Instagram
  2. Your Position Statement
  3. Discover Your Niche Audience
  4. How to Setup Your IG Page
  5. Clean Up Your Content
  6. Engagement as an Influencer
  7. Engagement as a Follower
  8. How to Create Quality Content (Videos/Photos)
  9. Captions, Tags, Hashtags, & Cross-Posting
  10. How to Grow Your Email List
  11. How to Get the Most Out of Your Email List
  12. How to Receive Payment Without a Website
  13. How to Create Your Website
  14. How to Develop Your Programs
  15. Pricing Your Programs
  16. Marketing & Selling Your Programs
  17. How to Create Workout Programs
  18. How to Create Nutrition Programs
  19. How to Create Customized Programs
  20. How to Create E-Books, Guides, & Freebies
  21. Surveys
  22. Reviews
  23. Testimonials
  24. Sales
  25. Discount Codes
  26. Micro Influencing
  27. Partnerships
  28. Affiliates
  29. Collaborations
  30. Your Media Kit
  31. How You Are Monetizing Your Instagram Platform
  32. How to Continually Grow Your Instagram Platform
  33. The #1 Mistakes Influencers Make on Instagram
  34. Books to Guide You Through Each Stage of Growth
  35. All Links, Tools, & Resources

*Remember, more information is added periodically as this business changes - at no additional cost to you!

It's time you live the life you deserve! Stop wasting time with a boring 9-5, late clients, low pay, and long hours. Sign-up for my easy-to-follow course, become your own boss, and start generating LIMITLESS INCOME!