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Custom Instagram Audit

Custom Instagram Audit

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*This service is provided in connection to my online course, The Fitness Influencer Blueprint.

Wondering how your Instagram page stacks up? Get my personal feedback on where you need to make changes to improve your platform.

I will be taking a close look at your Instagram account and providing personalized feedback in the form of a report card. I will be looking at several areas of your account and letting you know if you Pass, Fail, or Need Work in each area.

Within my feedback, I will share suggestions on what exactly needs improving as well as the course modules I recommend you invest in as your next step towards enhancing your social media presence.

The areas I will analyze are:


  • username
  • profile picture
  • bio description
  • link/website


  • overall visual layout
  • photo & video posts
  • captions & hashtags
  • Instagram stories


  • other miscellaneous suggestions
  • course module recommendations for your next steps.
I require up to 3 business days to complete your Custom Instagram Audit.

Receive a credit towards your purchase of my full course (The Fitness Influencer Blueprint) in the amount you pay for this audit!