Butt & Gut Transformation Challenge: Gym

Butt & Gut Transformation Challenge: Gym

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Grow your booty and shrink your waistline! This brand new full body workout program is designed to help you grow your glutes and lose excess belly fat. Through proper resistance training, gradually increase the size of your glutes while maintaining a lean upper body. With this program you will also receive quality information on gut health and how to clean out your gut to get the waistline you desire!



  • NEW FEATURE! Information on Gut Health
  • NEW FEATURE! The Specific Foods to Clean Out Your Gut to Shrink Your Waistline
  • 4 week challenge
  • 6 days a week of workouts
  • gym workouts
  • develop more size in your glutes!
  • upper body days
  • lower body days
  • ab routines
  • cardio days
  • videos of every exercise
  • verbal instructions for proper form
  • mobile-friendly
  • yours to keep forever

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