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Butt & Gut Program: HIIT EDITION

Butt & Gut Program: HIIT EDITION

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This program is primarily HIIT-based with a mix of resistance training thrown in as well to give you a quality, properly structured workout program to take your gains to the next level.

This is designed to mainly focus on development of the glutes (booty gains!) while allowing your body to burn more calories to also tone you up all-around. GET READY TO SWEAT WITH THIS CHALLENGE!!

Here are the full details on what to expect:

  • 4 week challenge
  • 6 workouts per week, 1 rest day
  • gym & home versions available
  • primarily HIIT-based workouts
  • primarily glute/lower body focused
  • replace fat with muscle
  • build lean muscle tone
  • upper body workouts
  • lower body workouts
  • abs included
  • videos tutorials of every exercise
  • verbal instructions for proper form
  • mobile-friendly
  • international-friendly
  • yours to keep forever

HOME VERSION: You will need a pair of 5-15lbs dumbbells and small loop bands for the majority of the routines. If you still need to purchase small loop bands, you can click here to get the same ones I use.

If you'd like wider bands for the lower body exercises (so they don't roll up on you), click here to get the Hip Circle bands (3x wider and made from fabric!) that you see me use in all of my videos. Enter code "tiana20" at checkout for 20% off your order!

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