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30-Day Detox & Tone

30-Day Detox & Tone

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This is a 'soft detox', giving you a holistic approach (no supplements!) to help cleanse your body from all the toxins that have built up over time and especially during seasonal changes plus those summertime parties & vacations!

Keep in mind this is NOT a meal plan! There are instructions each week with specific food items to eliminate (i.e. dairy) and specific food items to focus on adding in to help detox and reset the body.

Here are the full details on what to expect:

  • NEW FEATURE! Weekly Holistic Nutritional Detox (not a meal plan!)
  • NEW FEATURE! Weekly Mental Detox Action Steps
  • NEW FEATURE! Beauty Detox w/DIY Recipes for Holistic Homemade Hair & Skin Products
  • 30-day challenge
  • 6 workouts per week
  • gym & home versions available
  • develop lean muscle tone
  • upper body days
  • lower body days
  • full body days
  • abs & cardio/HIIT included
  • videos of every exercise
  • verbal instructions for proper form
  • mobile-friendly
  • yours to keep forever
HOME VERSION: You will need a pair of 5-15lbs dumbbells and small loop bands for the majority of the routines. If you still need to purchase small loop bands, you can click here to get the same ones I use.

If you'd like wider bands for the lower body exercises (so they don't roll up on you), click here to get the Booty Bands (3x wider!) that you see me use in all of my videos. Enter code "tiana20" at checkout for 20% off your order!

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