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2019 New Year, New You Challenge

2019 New Year, New You Challenge

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If you've been following my journey the past few weeks, then you know my husband and I uprooted our lives (on Dec 3, 2018) to challenge ourselves by exploring the world and by living abroad for a year!

So now I am challenging all of YOU who want to make a change in your life and join me for my 2019 New Year, New You Challenge!

BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE VERSION: The Beginner/Intermediate version is for those of you who have never done any of my workout programs before or if you're brand new to creating a healthy lifestyle.

ADVANCED VERSION: The Advanced version is for those of you who have already done one (or more) of my workout programs before OR if you're looking to ramp up your workouts to the next level. I have included brand new exercises to continue 'shocking your muscles' (aka muscle confusion) to help you progressing forward and advancing in your fitness journey!


  • 31-day workout program
  • 6 workouts per week, 1 rest day
  • full body workout routines
  • gym & home versions available (select above)
  • designed to tone your entire body
  • increase strength in you upper & lower body
  • increase core strength
  • enhance your flexibility
  • improve your balance & stability
  • upper body workouts
  • lower body workouts
  • abs included
  • cardio days included
  • video tutorials of every exercise
  • voiceover instructions for technique & form
  • yours to keep forever
  • entirely mobile-friendly
  • international-friendly (English language only)
  • HOME VERSION REQUIREMENTS: small loop bands & 10-15 lbs dumbbells
  • GYM VERSION REQUIREMENTS: small loop bands (optional, but highly suggested) & standard gym equipment

Click here to purchase small loop bands! Use code "tiana20" at checkout for 30% off the bands! At minimum, I recommend getting the Yellow, Green, and Blue bands but ideally all 5 are preferable to accommodate your advancement through the program.

PLEASE ENTER YOUR BEST EMAIL ADDRESS AT CHECKOUT. You will be receiving the program via email immediately after your purchase.