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100k Bundle: Tiana's Top Fav's

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As a huge THANK YOU from me to you for supporting my platform and joining this community with me, I'm offering this exclusive bundle package for a majorly discounted price!

This bundle includes my top 5 favorite programs of all time! I'm also including ANY of my 4 Week Non-Customized Meal Plans for FREE with this bundle! There is no discount code needed, simply add this bundle and the meal plan of your choice to your shopping cart in order to receive this discount.*

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30-Day Detox & Tone

  • GOAL: This is a "soft detox" giving you a holistic approach to cleansing and detoxing both your body and mind. You will have a weekly guideline for a nutritional detox (not a meal plan; you're eliminating certain foods each week) to coincide with a proper workout program to follow.
  • LENGTH: 30 days
  • SPECIAL FEATURES: I'm also giving you DIY recipes for homemade hair & skin products!

30-Minute Total Body Burnout

  • GOAL: Giving you quality workouts to do in just 30 minutes a day! With a combination of both resistance training and HIIT exercises, you will be training your body to develop lean muscle tone.
  • LENGTH: 4 weeks
  • SPECIAL FEATURES: Tips on how to party smart without losing your gains, tips on how to fly healthy when traveling, and motivational resources!

Beginner's Guide to Gym Workouts

  • GOAL: This is a guide, not an actual workout program that teaches you the fundamentals of resistance training, cardio, and nutrition! Checkout just a few topics I'm covering:
    • beginner level resistance training exercises (weight lifting & bodyweight)
    • how to warm-up properly
    • how to develop lean muscle tone
    • how to foam roll
    • what's the best cardio to do
    • how long to do cardio for
    • what to eat PRE and POST workout
    • vegan protein options
    • learn the most effective way to lose weight
  • LENGTH: 17 detailed pages

Butt & Gut Transformation Program

  • GOAL: Grow your booty and shrink your waistline with the proper workout routines! Primarily focused on glute work, but upper body days and cardio are included.
  • LENGTH: 4 weeks
  • SPECIAL FEATURES: Information on gut health is included, as well as specific foods to clean out your 'gut' to help shrink your waistline.

Slim & Trim Program

  • GOAL: This skin products!
  • LENGTH: 30 days


  • gym AND home versions
  • upper body workouts
  • lower body workouts
  • ab routines
  • cardio or HIIT routines
  • video tutorials of every exercise
  • verbal instructions for proper form & technique
  • mobile-friendly
  • yours to keep forever

: You will need a pair of 5-15lbs dumbbells and small loop bands for the majority of the home routines in these programs. If you still need to purchase small loop bands, you can click here to get the same ones I use.

If you'd like wider bands for the lower body exercises (so they don't roll up on you), click here to get the Booty Bands (3x wider!) that you see me use in all of my videos. Enter code "tiana20" at checkout for 20% off your order!

PLEASE NOTE: This program will be emailed to you immediately after you purchase.  Make sure you add me to your Contacts List <info@tianajoelle.com> to ensure proper email delivery!

If you don't see the program in your email Inbox, Spam, Junk, or Promotions folders, please contact me WITH YOUR ORDER # at info@tianajoelle.com so I can resend it to you manually.