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Goal Setting E-Planner

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Plan and execute on your goals this new year of 2020! Save this e-planner to all your devices, type into it all the information, steps, notes, and misc details you need in order to achieve every single one of your goals - across all categories (personal, health, financial, relationships, career, spiritual, etc.). I’ve laid out the structure for you, now it’s up to YOU to set your plan and then EXECUTE on your dreams!
  • interactive e-planner (type your answers into it)
  • over 200+ pages
  • download & save to all your devices
  • interactive checklists (tap to check off completed items)
  • blank sections to fill in your own additional thoughts
  • plan + track your goals for all of 2020.

Goal Setting Categories:

  • write out your specific goals by category
  • set deadlines to achieve each goal
  • set rewards for hitting each goal
  • write out your goals’ action steps
  • list out tools, resources, & people needed to help you achieve your goals
  • healthy habits FITNESS journal + checklist (check off completed workouts, log what type of workout you did, rate your effort levels, track personal records hit)
  • healthy habits NUTRITION journal + checklist (check of meal planning days, rate daily eating habits, monitor water intake)
  • interactive reflection journal
  • motivational videos, quotes, & book list for personal development
  • fun challenges to get you out of your comfort zone

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