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From Yo-Yo Diets to Fit Mom of Two

Although I was athletic growing up and never overweight so to speak, I still had body image issues stemming from criticism from a close family member, as an adolescent. 

As a young adult I took an office job where I was less active and it became a challenge to stay in good shape. Unhappy with the way I looked and felt, I yo-yo dieted my way through my 20s.

It wasn’t until the birth of my first child that I ignited my passion for fitness. Battling postpartum depression, I had dark thoughts at that time that weren’t normal for me and I was determined to treat myself naturally by exercising.

I started working out initially just to lose the baby weight, but I then noticed the days I worked out, I felt much better. It was the first time I ever actually felt the endorphin rush from exercising. It helped me to feel so much better and helped to lift me out of a dark place.

From there, the stronger, leaner, and more fit I got, the more I wanted to know. I hired a Personal Trainer who taught me the right exercises for my body, and I learned how to eat for my body - and to fuel it, the proper way. A way that’s healthy, sustainable, and balanced.

This information lead to a passion of mine and eventually after the birth of my second child, a career change.

I’m now a Personal Trainer, specializing in 1-on-1 Private Personal Training - in home or studio, Custom Workouts, and Meal Plans to increase strength and reduce body fat, as well as Group Fitness Classes.

I love sitting down with clients to strategize a custom plan that will achieve their own personal goals.  I can understand a lot of the emotional and practical challenges - because I’ve been there.

I can help offer tips to stay on top of my clients' fitness and health goals while trying to maintain a career, busy schedules, and kids.  It’s not easy, but its worth it.

My piece of advice for anyone is - do something active everyday that you really enjoy. Mix it up so you don’t get bored - it could be anything active from weight training, boxing, Pilates, cycling, a variety of group fitness classes, swimming, hiking, walking, running, etc. Whatever you choose, just be sure to always challenge yourself.

Dig deep, keep pushing, keep moving forward, and keep your eye on your goal!

Heather Banul


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