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Becoming Cos-Fit While Inspiring Others

Hi everyone my name is Jeffrey. I just turned 24 this past March, and I am from Santa Fe Springs, California.

Ever since the end of 2017, fitness has become my lifelong journey. For the majority of my life I have been overweight to the point of obesity I am sure, even though I have not been diagnosed. I cannot remember when I first started gaining weight, but I do know it happened sometime during the 4th or 5th grade.

My parents had been divorced before I was born, so I went to stay at my dad's on the weekends. Both my mom and dad gave me anything I ever wanted and it did indeed include food. Glorious food, lots of glorious food!

Ahem, I will not deny that there are definitely some interesting and delicious dishes out there, especially theme park food like funnel cake from Universal Studios or Knotts Berry Farm. My brother really liked that, but I really like the fries and burgers!

I used to eat McDonald's almost everyday, if not every chance I could get.

During high school I think I weighed almost 290 pounds. That was the time around which I started to realize just how big I had gotten but didn't know what I could do about it. I hated running so darn much, every time I was asked to run I would just say NOPE!

During P.E. I could not run that track when we were warming up for the hour of teaching. I would power-walk and pump my arms if I could, but I always hated and feared running for sure. Then at the end of my time in high school I had gotten sick. 

My mom and I moved out of the house we had been living in with my brother for all these years because after a school trip to Paris he had started drinking and smoking drugs in the worst way. Nothing we tried to do would help him realize just how much he was hurting our mother, and he even stole from her. So we moved and he got his own place.

I am truly proud to say that since that time he has gotten off drinking and smoking as heavily. He still works it in when he can, like on the weekends or after he's done at work I am sure, but not as much. He still lives with some bad roomates but as long as he keeps his job and stays away from drugs as best he can he will be alright.

It seems like he was born to live on his own just like my mother. I, on the other hand, have always lived with my mother. I am proud to say that I have a mother who was, is, and always will be, there when I need her most.

After 2 or 3 years of living in our new place, I had found the way to lose most of my weight if not all. It happened for almost 3 consecutive nights.

One was when I had a nightmare that scared me so badly, I couldn't eat almost anything I had before. Anything I did eat it was only about half of what it would have been normally.

The second was eating McDonald's finally after what was about a month probably. That night, I ended up in the bathroom, not because the food was bad but because it just went down a certain way or laid on my stomach too soon, and that was that.

The third time was when I really got sick to my stomach. I ate bad turkey because I did not look at the date and I could not eat straight for about 2 months or more. That may not sound like much, but all of this at once scared me so bad I just stopped enjoying food.

For 5 years straight, I chose to cower away from anything and everything. That may not be a way to describe everyone's journey to fitness but it is the way to describe mine.

I was so afraid, nothing could settle me down. Germs, dirt, and everything in between. I would not touch anything or go anywhere I did not have to.

Then 2 years ago my mom had gotten sick. We didn't know what on God's green earth it could be. One night after she had gotten done at work and her partner was away on vacation, we went to the hospital.

She had trouble going to the bathroom properly and we had just found out why. For some strange reason, over the course of 8 years of doctorial supervision, she developed fatty tissue in her breast that turned out to be stage 4 left breast cancer. It had gone straight to her bones and now it was just breaking down so so fast.

The first year we were coping with the problem as best we could. The first round of chemo drugs were the most effective.

Around the same time the year before, when she got sick, her health went down just as fast. Over that time, she has been in and out of the hospital more times than I care to count.

Around the time when she got out of the hospital again, we went to a comic convention. One thing that made my mind up of getting serious about losing weight after starting to enjoy food again, was becoming Cos-fit. That is the combination of becoming fit in order to fit the cosplay you want to dress up as - or basically being as close to the character's physique as possible.

Cosplay is for everyone, black, white, and every color and size in between. It is about showing the love you have for this character, no matter who you are or what you look like. It can be any fictional character and the one I had chosen for me was Superman.

This is a person so near and dear to everyone's heart. There are so many stories with DC Comics and Marvel that show no matter what, anyone can be a hero if they truly wish to be. And I want to be the hero I know I can be.

I want to use this lifestyle I am creating for myself to inspire and motivate others to do the same while spreading kindness and love.

There really are too many bad things in the world that there is no reason we should add to it. We should all be the Superman and Wonder Woman we know we can be. I was truly inspired by so many people and books, because to keep my spirits up, I would (and still do) read comic books and go to comic conventions with my mom.

The one who taught me to love was my mom, and I want to be there for her as much as she has been for me.

Since I have started this healthier lifestyle about 7 or 8 months ago, I have gained so much confidence and slimmed down. I cannot believe how much I have changed after 5 years, and I only wish I had started earlier.

I am kicking my butt because I didn't do it before, and I am using that determination to keep going. This is a lifelong goal, and I am more fit than I have ever been in my life.

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  • This was an awesome story, keep your head up and you did a wonderful job and stay focus on your goals, congratulations on your weight loss! I’m proud you did it Jeffrey!!!!


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