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Weights vs. Cardio

If you have been around my platform for a while, you may have heard me say a few times "do not overdo it on the cardio!" Let me explain why I say if your goal is to burn body fat and also have a nice aesthetic figure, focus more on weights than your cardio...

Plain and simple - by focusing on cardio more than weight-baring exercises, the body is not able to maintain and sustain muscle mass when overexposed to cardiovascular activity.

If your goal is to build a strong but curvy frame, you must understand building muscle is the only way for the body's physiology and composition to structure itself in the tone, firm manner you are looking for.

Skinny, 'soft' fat is the only type of look that will come from excess cardio. This does not at all mean, do not do cardio - this simply means know what to do in order to target your proper goals accordingly!

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