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Paradigm Shift

“Invest all of yourself, in the present moment, for this is the only moment that counts”


In order to train yourself to be fully present you must literally train yourself to be fully present.

Perform these actions for one week each. You may do them simultaneously all in the same week or spread them out into individual weeks, your choice.

  • When you get out of bed in the mornings, do not check your phone within the first 15 - 30 minutes of awakening.

  • During your exercise routines, do not play any music or use any headphones throughout the entirety of the workouts.

  • During work, if it is not time to check your emails, do not randomly check your email while taking care of another task.

  • While talking with a some one face-to-face, do not text or check your phone in any capacity nor respond to anyone else if they are not in that face-to-face conversation that you are engaged in.
After the each week is done tae true evaluation and write down how you felt while being fully present in each of these moments.

Also ask those closest to you have they seen a difference in you after making these specific changes. Do not inform them of what you are doing first, just ask them to be completely honest with you in regards to your demeanor after this month of practicing truly being present in all the moments listed above.

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