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July Challenge 2019

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Please make sure to read through all of the information provided to receive the most benefit from this program.

7-Day Meal Plan
Meal Plan Notes

Circuit Training Challenge [Gym]
Circuit Training Challenge  [Home]

Workout Tracker [Gym]
Workout Tracker [Home]

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NOTE: The Workout Trackers are where you will fill in your personal reps completed and weight loads/bands used. In order to fill in the Workout Trackers, you need to download/save them to your mobile device or computer. You will also need to download the free Adobe Acrobat app to your phone or program for your computer.

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  • My first challenge and I highly recommend it. Before my pregnancies I went to the gym six days a weeks and even took kickboxing once or twice a weak. Yes I noticed a lot of improvements but I worked really hard. With this challenge in just a month I did see improvements in had areas, as inner tight, that I never see while at the gym. She really knows how to organice the workouts to keep you going and seeing results!!

    Mariel Polanco

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