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My Top 7 Favorite Instagram Apps

As a quality Fitness Influencer, it's imperative that your Instagram platform looks as professional, clean, and concise as possible in order for to put your best foot forward. This is not only important when new visitors come to your page but also in retaining current followers.

So as you develop your platform, you need the proper resources and tools to create a high quality, presentable brand for yourself.

This doesn't just mean knowing the best app for editing photos and videos; it also means knowing:
  • what tools are best for scheduling your weekly posts
  • what tools are best for scheduling your daily tasks to ensure you stay on course with deadlines you've set for yourself
That being said, I want to share with you my Top 7 Favorite Apps that I personally use to enhance my own platform!

(And all of these are FREE to use, or have a free plan available.)
  1. PerfectVideo: Edit your videos for posts, stories, online programs, etc. Add title pages, text on the screen, adjust the speed, brightness/contrast, trim length, adjust video dimensions, and more.
  2. FaceTune 2: Blur out sensitive client info or faces to publicly share anonymous testimonials from DMs, emails, transformation photos, etc.
  3. CutStory: Slices your longer videos into shorter clips to post in your story (15 sec each clip)
  4. Canva: Quality design templates to easily create promotional flyers for your stories, IG page, Highlights cover image, quotes, and other promotional materials; the possibilities are endless!
  5. VideoBoost: Quality design templates to easily create promotional videos with text across the screen and copyright free background music
  6. Asana: Easily schedule your daily tasks, categorize them by color, click and drag to move to different dates as needed, checkbox to complete a task, and more
  7. Later.com: Schedule your posts with your captions and hashtags prepared ahead of time; drag and drop your soon-to-be-posted images/videos to preview how it will look on your page for the best visual appeal and adjust as needed. Instagram does not allow for automatic posting, so this app will give you a reminder to post your prepared content at your selected time. (The free plan is for photos only and the next tier plan allows for video schedule also.)

*Keep in mind, these apps have several other features as well, but I'm only listing the main features.

Of course there are other quality apps available as well, but these are the ones I've personally used and trust. Find the ones that work best for your needs and are easy for you to use.

Cheers to taking your brand to the next level with higher quality content!



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